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Wherein I reveal the joys and trials of the Good Life in the country.    
“I would always rather be happy than dignified.” ~  Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

Thrifty Country Decorating (Or From Boxer Shorts to Country Quilt)

The Country Look —our favorite of all the home decorating genre, is also the style that can be achieved easily and frugally.  Read more...


Raising Ducks

Only city slickers say, "Eeww" to duck eggs.  More....


Duck Dynasty

At the Thanksgiving table my nephew drew us all to the edges of our chairs recounting some gripping hunting stories.  And then he mentioned Duck Dynasty.  We don't actually watch television so I never know what's going on there, but this sounded interesting.  Read more.



Should you raise chickens?  All kinds of coops and how to tell a good egg from a bad one.  More...


Scrap Quilt

Here's how I made a darling baby quilt for only $1.50.  More ...


woman in garden knight250.jpgHeirloom Seeds

Hybrid variety fruits, grains and vegetables often have sterile seeds that do not reproduce themselves.  They are like mules, which are a hybrid of a donkey and a horse.  All male mules are sterile and most females are.   It’s the same with the typical seeds you buy from the nursery or grocery store.  They are hybrids.  The seeds cannot be saved and provide no future sustainability in the event of a major food crisis.   Remember the potato famine of the 1840’s? 

The seeds most available to us are not heirloom and open-pollinated seeds and they don’t respond the same way in the soil.  Hybrid seed is also known as "high response" seed. This is because these seeds require fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and lots of water to achieve their high yields.  Read more...


Miniature Cattlemini panda cow.jpg

I’ve read that the majority of cattle caretakers (herdspeople we might say) are—get this  - WOMEN.  It’s not just the men out there getting pushed and smashed and stepped on by the 1,200 pound beasts.  So let’s cowgirl up and learn something about these marvelous manageable minis. 

Some say you can grow twice as much beef for the cost with miniature cattle.  Read more...

Garden Dreams

Regardless of what ground hog, Phil Punxsutawney, thinks we are moving toward spring and today could easily pass for a spring day.  And yes, Phil did see his shadow today but weathermen and women don't put a whole lot of stock in Phil's forecasting from what I hear.  One weather guy celebrated Ground Hog Day by posting a recipe for woodchuck stew.


Photo credit:  Lisa Hubbard

Well, sweet dreams to the dear little rodent for another six weeks, but I'm dreaming of gardens and the cool things I'd like to plant this spring.  I think my dream garden may be something like this potager garden

And what, might you ask, is a potager garden? I shall tell you... Read more

Dreadlocks and Didactic Daffodils

There's a lot to be accomplished with slow, steady, consistent effort.  You just don't go from an ugly bulb to a beautiful flower without taking pains to move serenly through some dirt.  Read more.daffodills white yellow ctr 2.jpg

A Homemaker's Daughter
If you are a stay-at-home-daughter then this site is for you. There's lots of fun things for you to do here. You could find a recipe for dinner, find a pattern for a lazy afternoon, find a referred book to read, and much more!  A really nice blog from "Farmgirl."

Advice to My Son When He Goes to Town
by Richard Fahey

Note: The author has lived on a homestead for twenty-five years using oil lamps and candles, water from a spring, outhouses, hand tools, and work horses. He and his wife Anna Marie, have twelve children, ages twenty down to one. He says,  At one time or another one of the children has asked these kinds of questions about townspeople. Brought together, they make a revealing picture of how homesteading contrasts with town life.

"We work at home and wear clothing to keep us both warm and protected. I know you will wonder why the clothes in town are so inadequate, with shirts missing shoulders and sleeves, dresses and pants cut off above the knees, shoes without toes and sticks for heels. People who no longer work with their hands can dress in strange ways... " Read more 

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