draft_stoppers.JPG10/04/11 - Draft Stopper Craft

We are already starting to wear sweaters and sweatshirts around here.  We also start thinking about reducing the heating bill.  These  homemade draft stoppers from Learning The Frugal Life can help and they're so cute. They stop the cold air from sneaking in under doors. They're so easy to make and inexpensive.

These were made using the legs of old pants. Simply cut the leg away from the rest of the pant. These were then filled with bags of sand and animal bedding. You can fill with all sorts of things; rice, popcorn, beans, kitty litter or styrofoam packing beads.  However, it should be noted that if you live in the country, the organic options may not be the best as mice and the like might eat them.  My pick is unscented kitty litter.  The next thing you do is sew the top and bottom. Attach a cord to one end and it's done.

Now if you want you can turn these into adorable snakes (an oxymoron perhaps?) by adding a felt forked tongue, a line of buttons or button eyes.

When they are not draped in front of your door they can be hung from the cord around your door knob.


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