tile notepad holder craft.jpg

Tile Notepad Holder

designed by Twila Lenoir

Personalize this tile notepad with your choice of decals, or painted stencils.  The top may say "notes," "grocery list," or even "message" to be hung outside by the front door for visitors that arrive when you're away. A nice housewarming gift.  Easy instructions here.



Measuring Cup Wind Chimes

by Twila Lenoir

"I went to the dollar store to pick up a new set of measuring cups because my kids had used mine as drinking cups - and, of course, they lost them. I opened up the new package and they clanged together - and Viola.... I guess I should thank the kids. Nah!"  Easy directions here.





canning jar lamp craft.jpg

Canning Jar Lamp Craft Project

by Jane Lake

Turn an ordinary canning jar into an attractive electric lamp using a canning jar lamp kit.  There are many cute variations on this theme.  Find instructions here.

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